About: Fix It Up Woman

Let me sum up my adult life for you: When I was 18, I left my small town, that still doesn’t have a single stop light, and moved to a big city.  I got culture shock and then slowly got used to all of the stop lights and got a degree in creative writing with an emphasis in poetry and a minor in fine arts and then as you probably suspected, a career as a waitress.  Then after a few years of being yelled at for things like putting ketchup in the wrong size cup, I went to law school and became a lawyer but it didn’t kill the poet in me and then I had a family:

This is how our family came together:  I dated Daddy in High school and 20 years later we were both single and met again at a get-together at my brother’s house and he told a friend that night that he was going to marry me and I planned a fake party to get to see him again and yep, we have been inseparable ever since and we live back in the small town without a stop light with all of our kids.

Daddy and two boys:

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 Mommy and little girl:

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 Then in 2007, little boy:

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 Then in 2010, little girl:

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2007: Canoe Ride!

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2008: Park Bench!:

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 Music with our baby, 2010:

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Our 4 older kids with our friend Molly, in Costa Rica, 2011:

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2012: And at the point where I am able to do some Fixing Up around our house!

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So my blog is all about DIY.  I DIY because I can make things look like I want them to in an affordable way.  I hate spending a bunch of money on something that I can do myself.  And I just like creating things…now if I just had more time!  I also like to do crafts with my kids, occasionally I will post a good recipe, and also I have been doing some posts about what not to do when decorating.

So now what?  How about I introduce you to a few of my pages by Starting Here.