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I thought I would start with a project I did a few years ago.  At this time, it was more a case of me “fixing it down” than “fixing it up” because I did the total demolition of a crusty old barber shop.

A few years ago, I bought a building intending to put a coffee shop in the first floor.  It had been a barber shop and it was pretty crusty! I got quotes for demolition from a few places and the quotes were for thousands and thousands of dollars so after some thought, I decided to do it myself.  I was in there a few days a week, for a few hours a day, for a few months looking like I worked at a nuclear plant with a worker’s jumpsuit, goggles, and an air mask. Now, before this, I had done some DIY projects here and there, fixing up my houses, etc. but I had never taken on something like this. I took out almost everything except the foundation. (I also left the plumbing and electric to the professionals.)  I took out all of the walls, down to the boards.  I used all kinds of prying tools and sledge hammers to do the work. I took out all of the ceilings, all of the floors and all of the fixtures like the barber sinks, the kitchenette and the whole bathroom including a shower. At a certain point, I had to have all of the utilities turned off in the building to keep working so for a large part of the time I had no electric, no heat, no water, no bathroom…..and it was winter! (Thank goodness for the local bar/restaurant two doors down for bathroom emergencies!)  When I was done, there was so much debris that I had to drive a very large trailer to the dump 3 or 4 times and empty piles and piles of debris.


I finally finished cleaning, repointing, and exposing the bricks and then hired people to finish up with the remodeling.  I only have a few “after” photos because I ended up becoming pregnant with my baby boy and decided not to do the coffee shop. I had a small kitchen put in and rented it out to 3 guys to live in. They have been there several years now and they are great tenants. But the point was that I never got back for more photos before they were moved in so I only have a few.



You can see the photos above on my Flickr slideshow or on the next post:

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