Bowie Paints Cabinets.

Look at my 4 year old son, Bowie, helping me paint the kitchen cabinet doors.  He is SO sweet!

IMG 1061 1 Bowie Paints Cabinets.


IMG 1059 1 Bowie Paints Cabinets.

IMG 1058 1 Bowie Paints Cabinets.


  1. Wow! Very cute. What a nice way to help mommy.

  2. wow, I was thinking… oh no, not on the rug! But I’m guessing you’re using that as your “paint tarp” lol!

    What a good boy he is helping paint the cabinets!


    • Lisha-lol. Yeah, the rug is a drop cloth here because I’m going to get rid of it after we’re done painting on it. We’re going to basically get rid of that rug and that whole room because it is so yucky! It’s funny though because with all of our kids ands the projects I am working on, I feel like I take one step forward and two steps back all the time because they are always into something! :) . Kristin

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