Outlet Spacers In

finished outlet and switch plates

I had to install outlet spacers after I put up the penny tile backsplash to make the outlet plates flush with the tile. What happens is the tile comes out farther than the outlet so there is a gap in between the plate and the tile. The outlet on the left is how they are supposed to look.  Flat against the tile with no space between the outlet and plate.     So you take the outlet spacer and cut it to the thickness you need.   Fold the spacer over so like an accordion.   Finding the right thickness might take some trial and error.  If they are too thick, the plate won't be flat against the wall but if they are not thick enough, there will be a gap between the outlet and the plate. This one isn't screwed all the way in yet. Pretty closely screwed in and ready for the plate. Some of the screws that were originally holding the outlet in the wall were not long enough because the spacers pushed the outlet … [Read more...]

Happy Mother’s Day

Bowie Baby

Happy Mother's Day Moms! Time goes so fast.  It seems like in the blink of an eye, I was in the hospital having my daughter Crescentia and now she will be 9 years old in June.  I remember the moment the nurse put her in my arms and remember thinking that it was the happiest moment of my life.  Nothing had ever come close to the feeling I had at that moment because it was the moment I became a Mom and at that moment that the nurse put her in my arms, she placed a part of my soul in my arms. That's why I love this quote: Making a decision to have a child--it's momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.  Elizabeth Stone It's so true.  My kids are my heart and soul.     My stepsons, Ethan and Dave, Daddy holding baby Bowie and me holding Crescentia- 2007.   The first time Mom.  Baby Crescentia and me-2004. Sensi- Before and After. :) My little boy Bowie- 2007.   Bowie- … [Read more...]

Pregnancy by the Week

Pregnancy Week 20

This post is about Melanie and her pregnancy by the week.   She found my site and said she was thinking of trying something like I did when I started to record my pregnancy (which you can see starting at 9 weeks here).  But said she wasn't really "creative".  I think she is SO wrong because I think these photo collages are AWESOME and I think Melanie is very creative!  I can't wait to see the rest of her weeks and of course, I can't wait to see her most amazing creation of all...her new baby! Look at how cute this is, week 7, Baby is as big as a Blueberry! Week 14, Baby is as big as a Peach! Week 15, Baby is as big as an Apple! Week 16, Baby is as big as an Avocado! Week 17, Baby is as big as a Pear! Week 18, Baby is as big as a Bell Pepper! (Happy Birthday Mommy!) Week 19, Baby is as big as a Mango!   Week 20, Half Way There! Baby is as big as a Cantaloupe and as long as a Banana!   Thanks so much Melanie and … [Read more...]

Lamp It Up- DIY Remodel

Spray Paint and Lamp Shade

Look at my lamp redo, updo, remake, remodel!  I took a shabby worn out lamp that we had here and turned it from an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan. Here she is "Before": I know this lamp would have said, "Yeah, but you took my photo in the worst lighting." And I would have said, "Honey, there is no lighting that could have helped you."   The shade was just deteriorating:   Okay, so first my daughters helped me clean the old lamp which was pretty dusty: And some more cleaning:   Here we go! We got some spray paint at Lowe's and a new lamp shade at Target: Satin Whipped Apricot Spray Paint.  That sounds so good it's making me hungry: The lamp is ready to paint: Here is my daughter starting the spray painting.  Don't forget to do this in a really well ventilated area with a respirator mask.  The fumes are incredibly strong: More Painting: Finished!:   The new lampshade is … [Read more...]

Header the Rest

Fix It Up Woman Oldest Header

As you can see, I need to make a new Header.  I have changed the appearance of my site quite a bit and my old headers don't really match the overall look of my site now.  My site now has pastel colors and not as many primary colors as the last.  (By the way, I am typing this with one hand, because I am playing with stuffed horses with my two year old with my other hand.)  I have done all of my site with the exception of the header, which my husband has done.  I am going to try to do one myself this time. Here is my first header:   Here is my last header with bright colors:   I really want one that doesn't have me in it! So here is the new one!!!  I found the free vintage sewing girl online and then my husband and I put it together. … [Read more...]