Purple Ombre Room

Painting Done-wall above bed

Purple Painted Ombre Room for my Daughter. Our kids all recently switched rooms around and so I painted a striped ombre room for my 9 year old daughter.  She originally wanted her room to be painted a blended ombre where you wouldn't be able to tell where one color stopped and where one started, where they blended perfectly into each other.  I told her that I thought that might be a little hard for me to make it look right so instead I did four separate ombre stripes, from light at the top to dark on the bottom.  The walls were just plain before I started.  Here's one side of the room with the doorway. Here's the "before" of the closet side of the room. This room had been my 15 year old stepson's so hence The Clash wall decal.  (He moved to the room next to this one.)  We tried to save the decal but it wouldn't come off! It just tore in pieces.  NOT like removing a sticker.  It also took the top layer of the wall off with it so I had to skim coat those parts of the … [Read more...]

Spray Paint Upcycling- Kitchen Canisters

spray paint upcycling

Spray Paint Upcycling Frenzy! Have I mentioned that I have been on a spray paint upcycling frenzy?  I have realized that spray paint can change many crusty old things into cool new items.  Now, I look back in remorse at all of those dingy household items that I got rid of over the years because they were just tired.  Now I know, all these things ever needed was to meet up with a can of spray paint and they could have looked better than ever and stayed with me.  Of course, you may find me one day buried under a pile of spray painted household knickknacks but at least they will look good.  I spray painted these metal candle holders that I had sitting outside for a long time and now use them to hold kitchen utensils and red wine bottles.  Some people call it "upcycling" but that might be a short and trendy way of saying "I am a hoarder and it's the year 2013".  Whatever you call it and however it ends up, at least you will end up in style and hopefully not under style. Here are some … [Read more...]

Kitchen Reveal Somewhat

Kitchen Before and After

This is my kitchen revealed somewhat but it is not a true kitchen reveal. Is it ever really a final reveal?  Because things change and morph and blend and nothing stays the same forever.  I also can't bring myself to the final reveal for a reason that is very obvious to me.  I didn't take enough "before" photos to show you exactly how far along we have brought this kitchen to get it to a place that it can be revealed as a final reveal.  In this context revealing is: Permitting an elucidating glimpse or a perception of something intimate or concealed: a very revealing biography; a revealing gown.  (www.thefreedictionary.com/revealing) When you completely forget the "intimate or concealed" part, i.e., the "before" photos, you are just unable to give that "glimpse" or "perception".  You don't have a true reveal.  There is no way to get back to the decorating errors of the previous owners; the board above my  kitchen sink that was delicately covered with green laminated vine … [Read more...]

Penny Tile Trim

Penny tile trim in place.

I have finally found the solution to my penny tile trim debacle. If you have been following me at all you would know that installing my penny tile backsplash has been an adventure.  What I found out along the way, is that installing penny tile is a much more "interesting" task than I anticipated.  If you go to my fireplace makeover, you can see that I installed mosaic tile on my fireplace a few years ago.  The penny tile installation was a little trickier than my square fireplace tile because it is made up of circles and not straight lines so getting it to line up was a little trickier and figuring out what to do with the edges was just mind boggling to me.  I looked at those edges forever and could not figure out what to do with them.  I had one tile guy come look at it and he suggested that I put up pvc tile trim.  You can go to penny tile trim idea to take a look at my post about this.  The problem with that was that I had already tiled around the edges so I would have had to rip … [Read more...]

No Sew Kitchen Curtain

No sew curtain panel

I am here with a quick how-to make a no sew simple kitchen curtain.  If you go all the way back here to before I started remodeling the kitchen, you can see that one of my initial goals was to put up a new kitchen window treatment. Here's a photo of the kitchen before.   So we did some shopping at Joanns Fabric.  You can go here to see us looking at the fabric at Joanns.   I ended up picking out this bright orange and green fabric. All you need is a piece of fabric, a curtain rod and I used Stitch Witchery- Fusible Bonding Web which is a tape that bonds the fabric together and takes the place of sewing! (Yeah!!!) My kitchen window is 35 inches across and I wanted the curtain to be about 10 inches long.  To make room for the hemming tape, I added two inches to each side. So I measured 39 inches of fabric across and 14 inches of fabric long. Here is the cut piece of material. Then I measured two inches on each side and put a … [Read more...]