Header the Rest

Fix It Up Woman Oldest Header

As you can see, I need to make a new Header.  I have changed the appearance of my site quite a bit and my old headers don't really match the overall look of my site now.  My site now has pastel colors and not as many primary colors as the last.  (By the way, I am typing this with one hand, because I am playing with stuffed horses with my two year old with my other hand.)  I have done all of my site with the exception of the header, which my husband has done.  I am going to try to do one myself this time. Here is my first header:   Here is my last header with bright colors:   I really want one that doesn't have me in it! So here is the new one!!!  I found the free vintage sewing girl online and then my husband and I put it together. … [Read more...]

Arrival of New Countertop and Sink

Countertop, Sink, Faucet...Done.

Our new countertop and sink are here and they are so nice!  Below are the Before, During, and After Photos!  I also talked a bit about waiting for our new countertop earlier.  You can see that post here. Here is the old countertop. Here we removed parts of the old laminate ourselves but needed some extra help with the largest section. Here are some more pics of the old sink.  It looks so outdated and the dirt that got in the seams....it was just unappealing. There it goes...don't hit yourself with the door on your way out ugly old laminate countertop! This is the old countertop and sink during the removal and last resting place on our curb.  We were pretty sure the trash company wouldn't take it but put it there hoping they would.  We had a "Free Stuff" sign on some of the things out there and someone actually came and took the whole countertop and sink!  Goodbye UGLY laminate countertop.  Hope you found a good new home! Here is the sink and cabinets without a … [Read more...]

DIY Christmas Ornaments

Blue Ornament Close Up

I decorated these Christmas ornaments with a white paint pen. It's fun and easy (as long as you don't have a 1 year old and a 4 year old jumping on you!). Supplies: 1.Christmas Ornaments. 2.White Paint Pen. 3.Ribbon- (I have found that wired ribbon is the best because it wraps around the top of the ornament nicely and it keeps it's bow shape.) I looked up images of paisleys on Google images which gave me ideas for what to draw with my white paint pen. … [Read more...]

Kitchen Table and Penny Tile.

Penny Round 3

This morning I picked up our penny round marine tile that we special ordered from Home Depot.  And we just had our kitchen table delivered. Two sort of funny stories.... First sort of funny story.....When I went to Home Depot to order the tile, I brought the dimensions of the areas that we wanted to tile for the backsplash.  The Home Depot worker was really nice but he made a major math mistake.  Instead of using inches, he used feet. I gave him areas which he tried to convert into square feet to get the amount I needed.  For example, I gave him the first area which was about 30 inches by 18 inches, he mistakenly miscalculated each area by multiplying feet instead of inches, so instead of using 30 inches by 18 inches, he used 30 "feet" by 18 "feet".  So, when he gave me the total for what I wanted, he said I needed 24 boxes of tile and it would be $1,700.00!  I was like WHOAHHH.  How could that be??? Then he suddenly said, "oh my gosh, I made a huge mathematical mistake."  He … [Read more...]

DIY Christmas Wreath

DIY Colorful Christmas Wreath

My daughter, Crescentia, and I made a Christmas wreath.  We just bought a wreath at Michael's, some twist on wire and some different Christmas balls and wrapped the wire around the wreath.     … [Read more...]