Outlet Spacers In

finished outlet and switch plates

I had to install outlet spacers after I put up the penny tile backsplash to make the outlet plates flush with the tile. What happens is the tile comes out farther than the outlet so there is a gap in between the plate and the tile. The outlet on the left is how they are supposed to look.  Flat against the tile with no space between the outlet and plate.     So you take the outlet spacer and cut it to the thickness you need.   Fold the spacer over so like an accordion.   Finding the right thickness might take some trial and error.  If they are too thick, the plate won't be flat against the wall but if they are not thick enough, there will be a gap between the outlet and the plate. This one isn't screwed all the way in yet. Pretty closely screwed in and ready for the plate. Some of the screws that were originally holding the outlet in the wall were not long enough because the spacers pushed the outlet … [Read more...]

Fabric For Kitchen Curtain

Bowie in Joannes

I needed to get some fabric to make a curtain for our kitchen window:     So Bowie, Bijou and I made a trip to Joann's Fabric:   Here we are in Joann's:     Here's some of the fabric we saw.  (I love the the one with the bird pattern but it doesn't match anything in our house.  My friend made a purse out of the bird pattern though, and it is really cute):   My favorite type of fabric in the whole store is the Outdoor Canvas because it is thick and durable and with 5 kids, one cat and two dogs (2 hamsters and some fish) we need all of the durability we can get:   It comes in such great colors: More Outdoor Canvas: Joann's Shopper Alert: This is the green Outdoor Canvas I got at Joann's about 2 years ago to replace the red curtains I made (the red curtains were also Outdoor Canvas) in our living room: Here are the curtains I made for our living room with the Outdoor … [Read more...]

Lamp It Up- DIY Remodel

Spray Paint and Lamp Shade

Look at my lamp redo, updo, remake, remodel!  I took a shabby worn out lamp that we had here and turned it from an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan. Here she is "Before": I know this lamp would have said, "Yeah, but you took my photo in the worst lighting." And I would have said, "Honey, there is no lighting that could have helped you."   The shade was just deteriorating:   Okay, so first my daughters helped me clean the old lamp which was pretty dusty: And some more cleaning:   Here we go! We got some spray paint at Lowe's and a new lamp shade at Target: Satin Whipped Apricot Spray Paint.  That sounds so good it's making me hungry: The lamp is ready to paint: Here is my daughter starting the spray painting.  Don't forget to do this in a really well ventilated area with a respirator mask.  The fumes are incredibly strong: More Painting: Finished!:   The new lampshade is … [Read more...]

Header the Rest

Fix It Up Woman Oldest Header

As you can see, I need to make a new Header.  I have changed the appearance of my site quite a bit and my old headers don't really match the overall look of my site now.  My site now has pastel colors and not as many primary colors as the last.  (By the way, I am typing this with one hand, because I am playing with stuffed horses with my two year old with my other hand.)  I have done all of my site with the exception of the header, which my husband has done.  I am going to try to do one myself this time. Here is my first header:   Here is my last header with bright colors:   I really want one that doesn't have me in it! So here is the new one!!!  I found the free vintage sewing girl online and then my husband and I put it together. … [Read more...]

Spray Paint Blue Mirror

Painted Mirror Close Up

Since I just painted a  mirror to hang above a dresser we have.  (You can look at it here: dresser.)  I thought I would try to paint another mirror to hang above our fireplace.  I saw this mirror on sale and immediately thought it would look cool painted light blue. So I bought some light blue spray paint.  The fumes are strong, even in a well ventilated area.  Don't forget a respirator!  (By the way, I got the WORST haircut a few weeks ago and had to basically do a "comb over" for two weeks until my bangs started to grow out.  Thank goodness, it is growing out!)   So I originally bought just one can of spray paint thinking that it would cover the whole mirror but I ended up needing almost 3 cans of spray paint. I covered the mirror with paper so the paint wouldn't get on the mirror....I made a little mistake with that, you will see later. More spray paint....it took about two days for the spray paint to dry.  Of course, I was impatient and I hung it before … [Read more...]