Cleaning Schedule

This cleaning schedule is only a small list of things a day (weekends off!) with some tasks to do everyday.  I found it on Pinterest.  I get so overwhelmed with thinking of everything that there is to do, that I don’t know where to start so I don’t. haha, kidding! No reaaally, what my husband and I do is clean the whole house on a weekend day and that is seriously exhausting.  If I haven’t mentioned it before (lol), we have 5 kids so there is always cleaning to do and clutter building and then being torn down.  Today, the clutter is sort of bad in the kitchen, and it wasn’t like that yesterday at 2:00pm but when all of the kids get home…the clutter appears in piles like a dump truck rolled in and unloaded.  So this morning, I was painting a mirror frame and I use these old plastic plates we have to put the paint can on.  I use the plates to catch any spills from the paint.  I took the paint can off the plate, which was on the counter, to take a photo of the top of the can so I can remember the paint color name and brand.

I am sort of distracted today because my two-year old has been pretty sick.  I got to the point where I was feeling a little dizzy from not eating and running around all morning so I made some scrambled eggs and sat down to eat them.  When I was half way done, I realized that I was using the paint can plate and there were a few small paint scraps on the plate.  So, today I got my daily dose of toxic chemicals in one sitting!  Awesome!  Anyway, I think this cleaning schedule will help with organizing the cleaning and decluttering in a way that is not overwhelming.


cleaning schedule1 Cleaning Schedule



  1. Thanks for sharing my cleaning schedule and linking back to me!! :) I’m gonna be honest, I used to be AMAZING at following this schedule…then I moved, started a new job, and found out I was pregnant all in about one month…needless to say, the house has been a wreck since…BUT I printed this baby back out and taped it in my bathroom medicine cabinet, in a kitchen cabinet, and in the laundry room…and I’m back at it! :D I plan on getting back into my blogging, and reading more blogs…and you’re on the list! :) Hope you’re having a fantastic day, and so glad you found my cleaning schedule inspirational haha! :)

    • Hi Wendy! :) Thanks so much for stopping in and saying hi and thank you so much for your cleaning schedule! It’s such a great idea to compartmentalize the chores into a day of the week because I think the hardest part of keeping up with household cleaning is keeping consistent motivation. With your cleaning schedule it completely helps put everything into perspective so a whole house of cleaning seems much less intimidating! Wow it sounds like you got very busy, very quickly! Did you have your baby or are you still pregnant? Congratulations either way so far!

      Thanks again and please come back frequently! :) Kristin

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