Costa Rica- Playa Callejonas


On our 4th day, it was Bowie’s 4th Birthday!  We went to Playa Callejones. (You can also see where we stayed here and what we did on day 2 in Playa Negra and day 3 in Playa Avellana.  Here are maps showing where we stayed in Costa Rica.)

Playa Callejones is approximately where I have circled it in red on the map below:

Playa Callejonas 1 Costa Rica Playa Callejonas


This is what I wrote in my journal:



Today is Bowie’s 4th Birthday!

Today is Bowie’s 4th birthday!  We woke up and went to the supermarket in Juanquialal. It was small but they have pretty much anything you would get in the United States.  We bought a bunch of food and ingredients for dinner. Then we went back home and the kids went swimming in the pool and after lunch we went to the beach at Callejonas. It was rainy but when the tide went out it was less wavy and we swam and played in the water for a few hours. We also collected sea shells. It was pretty overcast but a beautiful isolated beach with more typical sand colored sand like we have in the United States. There were a lot of broken large white spiral shells, all in pieces of what they used to be.

Then we came back and Molly and Sensi made vegetarian burritos and salsa. We had a strawberry cake with white icing for Bowie.  My sweet boy Bowie is now 4!


Playa Callejonas-  Pretty overcast but very pretty!

Summer 2011 218 1 Costa Rica Playa Callejonas

Kids on the beach at Playa Callejonas.

Summer 2011 224 1 Costa Rica Playa Callejonas

Me carrying Bijou.

Summer 2011 227 1 Costa Rica Playa Callejonas

Bijou takes a break.

Summer 2011 230 1 Costa Rica Playa Callejonas

Some sun coming out!

Summer 2011 228 1 Costa Rica Playa Callejonas

Playa Callejonas- Daddy and Bijou.

Summer 2011 223 1 Costa Rica Playa Callejonas

Bowie turns 4!

Summer 2011 240 1 Costa Rica Playa Callejonas

Happy 4th Birthday Bowie!

Summer 2011 242 1 Costa Rica Playa Callejonas

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