Costa Rica- Playa Flamingo

On our sixth day in Costa Rica we drove north from Molly’s house (near Playa Negra) to Playa Flamingo.

Here is a map showing where Playa Flamingo is on the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica.

Playa Flamingo Costa Rica Playa Flamingo

Here is what I wrote in my journal:


Costa Rica- Day 6:

We woke up and had breakfast and started out on our drive to Playa Flamingo.  It was really rainy so we turned off at Tamarindo and went to the gas station first, eastward.  There are very few gas stations and the closest one to where we were staying was about 1/2 an hour away so we had to plan when and where we would get gas.  It was still raining so we looked for a restaurant in our guide book but it was closed down.  We kept thinking we missed it and drove to Playa Flamingo and then back to Playa Concha but couldn’t find it . So we went back to Playa Flamingo and decided to swim before finding somewhere to eat.   The waves were crazy and most of the people were out of the water but a few were in.

My stepsons, Dave and Ethan got in and were having a great time.  My husband, John, took the little kids, Sensi and Bowie and Bijou, up to play in the sand. I swam with Dave and Ethan for a while but then realized that the waves were too strong so I waved to Dave and Ethan to get out.  Then I  got thrown under the water and kept getting pushed under over and over.  I just kept thinking, do not breathe in. I managed to swim into the shore.  It was terrifying.  That’s when I realized that we had to be much more careful because the waves were unlike the waves we see at a place like Ocean City, MD or Cape May, NJ.  The waves were choppy and monstrous on that beach in the bad weather.

So we left and stopped at another supermarket and got stuff for dinner. It was hard to find beef that looked good.  We found out after we got back from Molly and Andre that beef beef in Costa Rica is not that great.

We ended up getting lunch on the way back to Molly’s and Andre’s at Lola’s in Playa Avellana. It was raining again but Lola the couple hundred pound pig and restaurant mascot was out and about.



Playa Flamingo.

Summer 2011 288 1 Costa Rica Playa Flamingo


Summer 2011 289 1 Costa Rica Playa Flamingo


Summer 2011 291 1 Costa Rica Playa Flamingo

Summer 2011 292 1 Costa Rica Playa Flamingo


Summer 2011 293 1 Costa Rica Playa Flamingo

Summer 2011 298 1 Costa Rica Playa Flamingo

Back at Lola’s.


Summer 2011 300 2 Costa Rica Playa Flamingo

Lola the big pig.

Summer 2011 167 2 Costa Rica Playa Flamingo


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