Costa Rica- Playa Tamarindo

On our 5th day in Costa Rica we went to Playa Tamarindo.

playa tamarindo Costa Rica Playa Tamarindo

 This is what I wrote in my journal:


Costa Rica- Day 5

We left at 9:00am because Molly’s housekeeper was coming and drove to Playa Tamarindo. Tamarindo is a small city so the beach is much more populated than any of the others we had been to.  Playa Tamarindo would probably have been one of my favorite beaches because there are cool beach restaurants where you can have lunch and drinks at tables in the sand but the part that was unappealing was that their were drainage pipes from the town that went right into the beach water every couple of hundred feet. The beach was beautiful but the water was very murky and had a lot of debri in it.

It was very overcast and the water was pretty rough for swimming.  I guess that’s why it’s a great beach for surfers.  We saw a lot of surfers.  We first sat in an area that all the surfers were at and near drainage pipes.  A creepy guy was there and kept moving near our stuff so we moved down to a spot in front of a place called “The Club”.  They had free beach chairs so we stayed.  We talked to some locals and one offered us boogie board lessons and then one offered John a massage at a massage table they had set up on the beach.  It was overcast and started to rain a little but the kids still swam until we had lunch.  The food was good and after lunch the kids went back in the water until it started pouring rain and we all ran inside the restaurant.

There had been a birthday party outside that Bijou kept going to.  They gave her a balloon and she just kept walking around with all of the local kids.  Everyone, including the whole birthday party, went inside to get out of the rain and we sat there for a bit until it passed.  Then we drove to a nice supermarket in Tamarindo and bought some more groceries and groceries for dinner. Then we came back and Molly gave Dave and Sensi riding lessons and Molly made dinner.   Then all the kids and Molly did a funny fashion show. The kids had are having an amazing time.  Sensi wants to move here.  Tomorrow we are going to Playa Flamingo.


Playa Tamarindo

Summer 2011 277 1 Costa Rica Playa Tamarindo

Bijou walked all over the beach.

Summer 2011 275 1 Costa Rica Playa Tamarindo

Still going.

Summer 2011 278 1 Costa Rica Playa Tamarindo

Bijou goes up by the beach chairs.

Summer 2011 279 1 Costa Rica Playa Tamarindo

The Club Restaurant.

Summer 2011 261 1 Costa Rica Playa Tamarindo



Summer 2011 256 1 Costa Rica Playa Tamarindo

Party Crashing.

Summer 2011 260 1 Costa Rica Playa Tamarindo

Walking around the restaurant.

Summer 2011 269 1 Costa Rica Playa Tamarindo

Entering The Club at Playa Tamarindo.

Summer 2011 272 1 Costa Rica Playa Tamarindo


Summer 2011 274 1 Costa Rica Playa Tamarindo

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