Costa Rica- Vacation House and Guesthouse

As I mentioned in an earlier post, last summer, my husband and I took our five kids  to visit our friends, Molly and Andre, in Costa Rica for two weeks.  After we traveled internationally with 5 kids (ages 16, 13, 7, 4, and 1) we knew we were capable of anything!  Molly and Andre, own a beautiful house and guest house on the North Western side of Costa Rica on the Nicoya Peninsula on the western shore in between Playa Negra and Playa Junquillal.

Molly has a horse training business and Andre has a landscaping business. They have a guesthouse or their main house that they rent for really reasonable prices.  You can also go on one of Molly’s equestrian riding tours where she takes you on a tour for a few days and you get to stop in different locations and stay at different hotels.  I would LOVE to do a riding trip with her!  But it might be in a few years because we have all of our kids but no worries I will do it someday…even if I’m 70 years old!  If you are interested in an amazing adventure, while staying with some genuinely great people, you should visit Molly’s website here to see more about what she does and to get information about a Costa Rican vacation.  Also visit here to see more about renting their guesthouse.

I posted maps of Costa Rica here that show where they live in Costa Rica.  On this post, I am posting photos of their house, guesthouse, and property.  Later I will do a post or posts of the different beaches and places we went to.  (I also have to add that ALL of the photos I took in Costa Rica were with my iPhone so some of them came out a little clearer than others.)



This is a photo of the sign in front of their house right before you turn into their driveway which has Andre’s landscaping company name on it, Ravenala Landscaping.

Ravenala collage 2 Costa Rica Vacation House and Guesthouse


This photo is of Molly and Andre’s sign across the road from their house that says they have horseback riding tours.

Horseback Riding Tours 2 Costa Rica Vacation House and Guesthouse



This is Molly and Andre’s house from the driveway.

Summer 2011 172 2 Costa Rica Vacation House and Guesthouse



This is in front of the main house.  In the larger photo, you can see this cool cement pond that they built.  It had fish in it but also, Molly and Andre’s dog, Rue, would sit in there to keep cool.  It was so funny when we would walk by and just Rue’s head would be sticking out of the water.

entrance door pond birdhouse collage 2 Costa Rica Vacation House and Guesthouse



Inside the house and some cool plants that were in their yard.  What are they called?

Kitchen and plants collage 1 Costa Rica Vacation House and Guesthouse



In the collage below, there are more photos of the inside of their pretty house and on the bottom of the collage are two photos showing the view from the upstairs bedroom balcony doorway.  The beach is right beyond the tree line.

Stairs and Bedroom view 1 Costa Rica Vacation House and Guesthouse



Banana tree and backyard/ back porch.

Yard and Back Porch 1 Costa Rica Vacation House and Guesthouse



Below is another photo of a banana tree.  See how bananas actually grow upside down?  And on the right of a Howler Monkey in the tree right outside the door of their house.  It isn’t a great photo but you can see the black shape of the monkey.  It was incredible seeing monkeys climbing in trees right in front of us!  This is from Wikipedia: “According to Guinness Book of World Records, [Howler Monkey] vocalizations can be heard clearly for 20 miles (32 km).”  To read more about the Howler Monkey click here.


The bottom two photos in this collage are of Molly and Andre’s sweet guest house.  For information on renting their guesthouse go here.

Guest House 11 Costa Rica Vacation House and Guesthouse



Bowie turned 4 years old in Costa Rica!

Bowie turns 4 1 Costa Rica Vacation House and Guesthouse



Molly and Andre’s critters.

Animal collage 3 1 Costa Rica Vacation House and Guesthouse




Their beautiful little pool right out back of their house.

Pool 1 Costa Rica Vacation House and Guesthouse




Molly gave our kids horse riding lessons.   She just opened her own horse ring on her property.  The one that she had here was temporary.  The workers actually came in with a bulldozer  to clear the land for her training ring on the day we left.  Now it is completely finished.

Horse training 1 Costa Rica Vacation House and Guesthouse




Our kids finger painted with Molly on her horse.  (The painting says “Please don’t touch my ears.)    Molly showed them how to feed her horse by hand.

Horse Painting 1 Costa Rica Vacation House and Guesthouse


  1. Really cool!

  2. WOW! Quite the lifestyle! Much different from the wintery weather we have where I’m from. The banana tree is so cool!

    • Curt- It was really a magical place! The banana trees, the monkeys, the iguannas, the beaches….etc. etc… amazing. I have a dream of moving there when all of our kids grow up but then we will be a “little” older so I don’t know if that will really happen! Definitely an amazing lifestyle and our friends there really made our trip go so smoothly. Without them, it may have been a “tad” more challenging because we were traveling with our 5 kids. Where are you from? Kristie

  3. I just love it!!! I also was checking out other things and I love the picture of Bijou in her chef outfit! too funny.

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