Doing Up The Kitchen

IMG 0022 Doing Up The Kitchen


We have a lot of exciting things going on with our kitchen right now.  I am partially making this list so I can remember what the heck I am doing but also to pass it on.  I’m just going to briefly run through most of the different parts and will talk about them each in more detail later.

Cabinets: We are going to save a ton of money by just painting the existing wood cabinets. We got some pretty white Valspar paint from Lowe’s and should have that finished in about a week.

Countertop: We just ordered a new countertop. I have never purchased a countertop before so I was a little surprised when the beautiful quartz countertop that I really wanted would have cost almost $3,000.00. As much as I liked it, we decided to go with something that looks very nice and is about half the price. The material is what they call a “solid surface” and I am sure it will be very nice. Right now our counter is laminate and not so pretty. The new countertop should be in at the latest, January 1, 2013.

Backsplash: I am going to put up a ceramic tile backsplash above our counters. We picked a really cool one out at Home Depot today. That should be done sometime after the counter is in.

Kitchen table: We have this problem. We have 7 people in our family and a kitchen table that seats 4. The math isn’t hard to do! We have needed a bigger table for years and so we finally bought a beautiful white table that seats 8. We ordered this from Wolf’s Furniture and it should be here in about 2 weeks.

Floors: We are finally going to put new flooring in our first floor. We have badly stained carpet (5 kids!) and vinyl flooring in the kitchen and entryway that is coming up everywhere. So we went to Lumber Liquidator’s and found a bamboo solid wood floor that was on sale for $1.79/ sq.ft. You can’t beat that price. We are going to install that ourselves. Should be interesting! The flooring should be coming in 3-4 weeks.


IMG 0016 Doing Up The Kitchen

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