Dresser Makeover

I have wanted to do something to this dresser in our entryway but didn’t know what to do and then I saw these lamps and separate shades that were on sale and there were only two of each left so it wasn’t even really my choice, it was fate!  They are meant to be!  haha.  They just looked like they would go together perfectly and I think they do.


BeforeHallPhoto 1 Dresser Makeover

I did this all in a day with my two-year old daughter “helping”, in other words, my challenge level was 10 out of 10 because as everyone with a toddler knows, it’s almost impossible, practically Olympian, to get anything done with a two-year old “helper”. I bought the mirror which was a really cool wood but I really got it just for the shape because I wanted something bright and I knew I wanted to paint the dark brown dresser that we already had in our entryway. The paint color samples, were again a match of fate and destiny, they were next to each other in the display. Since my daughter was ramming the cart into the isles of paint, I decided to go with the quickest choice (or with my destiny) and chose the green and yellow that were side by side.

GreenDresserMakeover 1 Dresser Makeover

Then I found a light blue bowl that I love but haven’t had anywhere to put in over a year. It was on top of our china cabinet (which, I should note, has no china in it because my husband’s ex-mother-in-law took it back.) But the light blue bowl is still filled with these scented potpourri things: fruit things, green moss like stuff and also, astonishingly scented, sea creatures and shells. Now this sounds like a crazy mix but it actually matches everything perfectly and again, fate waiting to happen, it was sitting in my house waiting to be put in its destination for the past year. My daughter did try to eat one of the scented starfish so I had to explain to her that sometimes things make no sense and people buy weird-looking plastic scented food to look at.


Here we are at work!

IMG 3824 1 Dresser Makeover


IMG 3835 1 Dresser Makeover

Limoncello- Eggshell- Valspar

IMG 3836 1 Dresser Makeover

IMG 3843 1 Dresser Makeover


IMG 3844 1 Dresser Makeover


IMG 3849 1 Dresser Makeover

Spritz Of Lime-Eggshell-Valspar

GreenDresserMakeover 1 Dresser Makeover



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