Easter Egg Wreath

Easter is coming up already.  I feel like it was just Christmas a few days ago even though this has also seemed like the longest winter ever because everyone in my family has been sick but me….until now.  Now I have a bad cold.  (I was just thinking about the origin of the word cold as an illness and looked it up, apparently the name “common cold” came into use due to similarities between the its symptoms and the exposure to the cold weather in the 16th century.  And on another note about the origin of the word cold…..I also just read that the phrase “cold turkey” originated because of the similarities between a withdrawing addicts skin color and the texture of a frozen turkey.  I did not know that. Interesting.)  So I am drinking ginger tea (I was told by the owner of my favorite Korean restaurant to boil ginger root and add tea bags to get rid of a cold.  It has always helped.) and taking extra Vitamin D and Vitamin C and hoping this cold goes out like a lamb really soon.

So my daughters and I made an Easter Egg Wreath.  We got all of the supplies at Michael’s Craft Store.  A straw wreath, plastic Easter eggs, some fuzzy peeps, a glue gun and some glue sticks:

IMG 4524 1 Easter Egg Wreath


We glued the eggs on to the wreath with the glue gun:

IMG 4528 1 Easter Egg Wreath

Be careful with the glue gun though.  The end of it gets very hot and can burn your skin.  We just left the plastic on the wreath to keep the straw from getting everywhere.  Here we are covering more of the wreaths with plastic eggs:

IMG 4530 11 Easter Egg Wreath

Our eggs didn’t turn out perfectly symmetrical.  I think it will take us a few more practices on wreaths to get the eggs looking perfectly even:

IMG 4533 1 Easter Egg Wreath

Next we glued the fuzzy peeps on to the plastic eggs:

IMG 4544 1 Easter Egg Wreath

And done!

IMG 4549 11 Easter Egg Wreath

My Sweet Easter Egg Wreath Helpers:

IMG 4543 1 Easter Egg Wreath

Happy Easter!

IMG 4557 1 Easter Egg Wreath


  1. I love it!! A very cute idea that the kids (and adults) will always remember!

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