Finding Your Decorating Style

There are a lot of ways to figure out what your decorating style is.  I have found that my style is a combination of Mid-Century Modern/ Colorful Cottage / Nordic.  I figured this out from my boards on Pinterest.  I LOVE these three styles so much that they are the three main boards I made in each style and devote my decorating pins to.

Mid-Century Modern:

 Finding Your Decorating Style

Colorful Cottage:

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And then I actually noticed that I decorate my house in all three of these styles like here in my living room:


IMG 4052 11 Finding Your Decorating Style


So I have figured out that one great way to figure out your decorating style is to just go through the home decor pins on Pinterest.  After pinning and pinning and pinning, you will figure out what it is that you lean toward in style.  Then you can make boards for each of your styles and refine your individual styles.  For example, I like cottage style, but not all cottage style…I like the bright colorful cottage style with a little less lace and frill.

Another way to find out your decorating style is to do a decorating style quiz.    Go to Google and put in Decorating Style Quiz.  For example, on there’s a Decorating Style Quiz.  Search Pinterest, do some quizzes, look through home decor magazines, and over time, you will be able to put the puzzle pieces together and figure out what your personal decorating style really is.

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