Header the Rest

As you can see, I need to make a new Header.  I have changed the appearance of my site quite a bit and my old headers don’t really match the overall look of my site now.  My site now has pastel colors and not as many primary colors as the last.  (By the way, I am typing this with one hand, because I am playing with stuffed horses with my two year old with my other hand.)  I have done all of my site with the exception of the header, which my husband has done.  I am going to try to do one myself this time.

Here is my first header:

photofront2 Header the Rest


Here is my last header with bright colors:

kristiepage Header the Rest


I really want one that doesn’t have me in it!

So here is the new one!!!  I found the free vintage sewing girl online and then my husband and I put it together.

newheader Header the Rest

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