Intelligender Baby Gender Prediction Test

I took the IntelliGender Baby Gender Prediction Test and the results indicated that I would be having a…… boy!  Which I would be happy with (or a girl!) but I am very skeptical of the results.  The kit cost about $35.00 so it isn’t a test that I would buy more than once.  The kit has this vial that you can see below in my photos.  At the bottom on one side it says “Boy!” and on the other side of the same vial it says “Girl!”  You have to put your pee in the vial…the test says it will NOT work unless it is the first morning pee!  There is a sort of crystal powder in the vial that you are supposed to swirl around with your urine.

You have to wait 5 minutes and if the color is close to the greyish color on the “Boy!” side then you are supposed to be having a boy.  If the color is close to an orange color that matches the “Girl!” side then you are supposed to be having a girl.  One thing I noticed right away is that the color of the grey “Boy!” side when up against the mixture, makes the mixture appear to be darker.  The same with the “Girl!” side.  The orange sticker gives the illusion that the mixture is a lighter color.  So some of the results are possibly due to the mind set of the test reader.  It is a test based on perspective.  Intelligender claims lab tests show a 90% accuracy while “real world” testing puts the accuracy closer to 80%.  Intelligender says that you can get test results as early as 10 weeks which is about 10 weeks earlier than you usually get an ultrasound (at 20 weeks) that can accurately determine the gender of your baby.

I looked around on the internet and read a lot of negative reviews about the test.  I read that almost all the test results indicate that the baby will be a boy.  It did seem to me that the majority of the negative reviews were by women who who said the test was not accurate because they had a “boy!” Intelligender result but ended up finding out it was really a girl.  From what I read, most of the positive reviews were from women who had boys and the test indicated that they would be having a boy so they were happy with the accuracy.  I also read an article with a quote in it from a Doctor/ Harvard Medical School professor that said:

“Some obstetricians are none too pleased with IntelliGender’s claims. They say the test results in about the same accuracy as a coin toss or random guess.

“If people ask me, I tell them not to waste their money,” said Dr. Jeffrey Ecker, a high-risk obstetrician at Massachusetts General Hospital and a Harvard Medical School professor. “I don’t know of anything that would show up in the urine at that point in a pregnancy… that would be useful.”"  You can see that article here .

The test pamphlet does say that the result should not be used to make any decisions.  So based on the experience of taking the test and everything I have read, I really doubt that the test has any validity but it was sort of fun.

Intelligender Boy 11 Intelligender Baby Gender Prediction Test


Intelligender Girl 1 Intelligender Baby Gender Prediction Test

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