Iphone vs. Canon camera

I have to tell you that I LOVE my iPhone (my husband might even say I have a “slight” problem because I am on it A LOT) and find it’s camera feature to be great for a phone camera but take a look at the difference in the quality of photos between my iPhone photo and my Canon Rebel T3i  below.  Now, I have to add a side note here, I am SO biased because I think my daughter is such a sweetie so I actually love both pics but it is hard to deny the details that emerge in the photo taken by my sweet Canon.

Summer 2011 679 Iphone vs. Canon camera
Bijou- Taken with my iPhone 4.

IMG 0471 Iphone vs. Canon camera

Bijou- Taken with my Canon Rebel T3i.

I have always wanted a really nice camera so I am so happy to say that I LOVE my Canon for it’s ease of use and it’s awesome photo quality.

Here they are again side by side:

t Iphone vs. Canon camerat Iphone vs. Canon camera


  1. The T3i is a great camera, but i have to say the iPhone 4 photo is much better photo. Bijou is very cute in that one.

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