Kitchen Cabinets Progress

Kitchen Cabinets Progress

I got some more painting done on our kitchen cabinets but this is after I already painted almost all of them once!  Then realized that the paint that I thought was sticking, was peeling off if bumped.  So guess what I had to do?  I had to sand off ALLLLLL of the paint that I had already painted.  Some of it was easy to get off but some of it was not!  What a nightmare!

Of course, there is still A LOT to do and touch up but I am beginning to see what I imagined and will be happy to move on from these cabinets ASAP!   You can see a huge difference already here in a “Before” photo of our kitchen: Before Photo of Cabinets.  Here is the post I did of my painting and sanding the paint off.

You can see the empty space above the stove?    The microwave above the stove look is a little outdated so I took out the cabinets and microwave that were above the stove.  I am going to do a penny tile backsplash and also tile above the stove.  Then I am going to put a range hood above the stove for a more stylish modern look.


IMG 1072 1 Kitchen Cabinets Progress

You can go here to see our new kitchen table!  You can also go here to see how our kitchen is progressing.


  1. I really like the look of fresh white kitchen cabinets. Looks very clean. And it will really never go out of style. We chose white cabinets for our kitchen.


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