Kitchen Reveal Somewhat

This is my kitchen revealed somewhat but it is not a true kitchen reveal.

Is it ever really a final reveal?  Because things change and morph and blend and nothing stays the same forever.  I also can’t bring myself to the final reveal for a reason that is very obvious to me.  I didn’t take enough “before” photos to show you exactly how far along we have brought this kitchen to get it to a place that it can be revealed as a final reveal.  In this context revealing is: Permitting an elucidating glimpse or a perception of something intimate or concealed: a very revealing biography; a revealing gown.  (

IMG 0871 1 Kitchen Reveal Somewhat

When you completely forget the “intimate or concealed” part, i.e., the “before” photos, you are just unable to give that “glimpse” or “perception”.  You don’t have a true reveal.  There is no way to get back to the decorating errors of the previous owners; the board above my  kitchen sink that was delicately covered with green laminated vine stickers, the doily-like kitchen window treatment, the tarnished fake brass light fixtures, etc.  Maybe it was a subconscious tactic to save people from the trauma of sharing the view or more likely it’s because I am impatient and forget but a note from me to anyone else, those “before” photos are gold.  You also can never have an “After” without a “Before”.

IMG 0872 1 Kitchen Reveal Somewhat

So you can go on and on and on about your laminated vine decals covering your house but in reality, without the photos, you are basically stuck in your own “before fantasy” which may be inaccurate due to perception.  You may be remembering your vines in a bad light literally or figuratively and things may have been better but they really were probably worse than you remember.  Way worse.  Because we all do this to survive each day or how could we keep going?  We forget pain of childbirth, we forget the intensity of a broken heart, we forget how laminated plastic vines, along with other decorating misfortunes, could have and probably did leave your kitchen in an awkward tacky state for years on end.  This reality we simply can’t live with but others can and actually revel in it.  This is the modern day Coliseum and could be happening in your kitchen too and you are the people either getting or giving the thumbs up and down and this is why, even as you are subconsciously fighting against exposing others and yourself to the reality, remember to document the “befores” before you do anything else or you will never ever truly be able to put on the grand show of the ultimate, that which should be your final reveal.

IMG 0873 1 Kitchen Reveal Somewhat

Now, having said all of that, these are the “before” photos that I do have to show you.  However, they just don’t go all the way back so I can only take you part of the way and the rest will have to be left to our imaginations.  Honestly, can you believe it was worse than this?  It was.It was so bad that I didn’t even really try.  Is there such a thing as decorating depression?  Because I had it.  It really seemed too overwhelming to tackle such a feat.

IMG 0847 1 Kitchen Reveal Somewhat

Kitchen cabinets above sink.

IMG 0825 1 Kitchen Reveal Somewhat

Now here is a photo with labels of some of the things I wanted to do.

Kitchen Remodel Adding Things Kitchen Reveal Somewhat

And here it is. Better?


IMG 5254 1 Kitchen Reveal Somewhat

You like?  I took the cabinet and microwave out that was above the stove and had a new range hood put in after I finished painting and putting up the penny tile.  By the way, you can go here to see how I spray painted some old candle holders to make the kitchen utensil holders in the photo below.

IMG 5259 1 Kitchen Reveal Somewhat

Another view with our new stove and new light fixture.

IMG 5292 1 Kitchen Reveal Somewhat

Penny tile all finished! Here it is next to the new stove.

IMG 5257 1 Kitchen Reveal Somewhat

Across from the sink.

IMG 5264 1 Kitchen Reveal Somewhat

A different angle.  Our new kitchen table can actually fit our whole family of 7.  Can you believe that is the same light fixture as above?  I just took it down, spray painted it and replaced the globes.

IMG 5278 1 Kitchen Reveal Somewhat

And again!

IMG 5290 1 Kitchen Reveal Somewhat

Here they are side by side.  Man that was tiring.  Now, I have to go to bed.

Kitchen Before and After 1 Kitchen Reveal Somewhat


  1. Kristi – I am so impressed! Your “new” kitchen looks fabulous! I love the blue penny tile, and I love the old chandelier that you repainted – it’s amazing how good it looks!

  2. Haven’t been to your website before, so I originally wanted to just check out the fireplace/mantel makeover. Ended up spending waaay too much time jumping from link to link seeing what else you had up your (creative) sleeve, and was not disappointed! After all that time browsing, and a bowl of caramel/chocolate/vanilla ice cream (with peanuts added for good measure) later, I am ready to head out to Home Depot for backsplash tile for my own little kitchen. Forget the fireplace, lol !! Thanks so much for the inspiration !!
    All best, Lynn

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