Kitchen Table and Penny Tile.

This morning I picked up our penny round marine tile that we special ordered from Home Depot.  And we just had our kitchen table delivered.

Two sort of funny stories….

First sort of funny story…..When I went to Home Depot to order the tile, I brought the dimensions of the areas that we wanted to tile for the backsplash.  The Home Depot worker was really nice but he made a major math mistake.  Instead of using inches, he used feet. I gave him areas which he tried to convert into square feet to get the amount I needed.  For example, I gave him the first area which was about 30 inches by 18 inches, he mistakenly miscalculated each area by multiplying feet instead of inches, so instead of using 30 inches by 18 inches, he used 30 ”feet” by 18 “feet”.  So, when he gave me the total for what I wanted, he said I needed 24 boxes of tile and it would be $1,700.00!  I was like WHOAHHH.  How could that be??? Then he suddenly said, “oh my gosh, I made a huge mathematical mistake.”  He corrected his math and it turned out I only needed 4 boxes of tile and the cost was closer to $200.00 which is much more like what I had planned on!  He was very apologetic and I had to laugh about it all after, even though I almost had a heart attack at first.

IMG 1173 1 Kitchen Table and Penny Tile.

IMG 1174 1 Kitchen Table and Penny Tile.IMG 1169 1 Kitchen Table and Penny Tile.


Second sort of funny story…..My husband and I went to Wolf’s Furniture on Black Friday and got a great deal on a table and chairs for our kitchen. (Our previous table, which you can see here: Small Kitchen Table, only had seating for 4 people.  We have 7 in our family and couldn’t all sit together so we really wanted a bigger table.)  It was delivered last week but when the delivery guys brought in the chairs they said “I think there’s something wrong with these chairs.” I looked at them and I had to agree, they had scratches all over them and I agreed that they were damaged and that they did not look like the chairs we ordered so they took them back. I then spoke with Wolf’s furniture and they said they wouldn’t be able to bring a new table for a week. They agreed to take $100.00 off of the price for the inconvenience. At this point we had already sold our 4 person table. The next weekend, my husband and I went to Wolf’s furniture to take pictures of the table to make sure we were going to be receiving the same table we ordered. When we went in, the display table was moved to a different area. It had the “scratches” on it. It was distressed and so was I because, my husband and I did NOT remember distress marks, or “antiquing” as they called it, on the original table we ordered. My husband and I remembered a solid white table and chairs with NO marks, scratches, distressing, etc. on it. I mean, we sat at the table when we filled out the paperwork and these marks are very noticeable so we would have seen them. So, to make this story shorter, we decided to keep the table anyway. They gave us some money off even though it wasn’t the original table we thought(?) we ordered (We figured, our kids would naturally distress it in a week anyway so it didn’t really matter.) So for a week we brought in our small outdoor deck table and put it in the kitchen and we all used that as well as we could until today. Today the same delivery guys delivered a similar (or the same?) table to the one they delivered last week. At first they were like, “you are not going to believe this…we have the exact same table with the damage”. Then I explained the whole thing to them and told them we would keep it so now we have a nice “distressed” white kitchen table.

Pikachu 2 1 Kitchen Table and Penny Tile.

Pikachu the Pekingese

Here is our “distressed” and “antiqued” white kitchen table:

IMG 1184 1 Kitchen Table and Penny Tile.




  1. The table looks great even if it is distressed.

  2. Oh my gosh! What a fiasco you guys had to go through with the dining table! how frustrated you must have been! I personally am okay with distressed furniture, but if you didn’t want that look you shouldn’t have been stuck with it. I think you’re right though that the table would just end up distressed over time anyway, why not get a head start on it? lol :)

    I do love the way that dining set looks!


  3. Thank you Lisha! :D Kristie

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