New Light Fixture

We put up a new light fixture in our living room and I love it.  It’s sort of a funny story, we were at Lowe’s and we were looking at the light fixtures…one for our hallway and one for our living room.  We got to this one that we ended up putting in (shown in the pics below) and my husband was like, “How about this one?”  I hesitated because I thought it might be too wild-looking.  (and from this experience, I learned some things about myself that I am shocked about, I am sort of conservative about my choices.  I have this conflict, because I know a bit about real estate…I am studying to be a real estate broker right now.  My conflict is that I am always looking at real estate from a sellers perspective.  Even though, we are not selling our house, I have this constant unconscious voice that is telling me to be conservative with my choices because when people are purchasing, they generally go for a more traditional look.  So I am constantly balancing what I like (which is not a conservative look) and what would make a house sell.  I hate that because it confines me so my January resolution is to go for what I like and say screw you to that voice that keeps me dull.)  So we got the light and installed it and I am totally in love with it.  It is modern and cool and just fits perfectly with the room.  It also completely brightens up the room.  Look at the before photo below…we also painted the room to brighten it but that old light fixture was throwing off this dull yellow light and made the room look small and electric….in a very bad unwelcoming way.  Now to the funny part, a day after we put the light up, I noticed when I was on my blog here, that I have had a picture of the exact light fixture that we installed in my sidebar under “Things I Like” for over a year!!!!  No wonder I thought it looked so perfect!!!  So I think the moral of this story is, It’s okay to go with something that you like that is a little outside of your comfort zone, because it might just be what you wanted all along!

New Light Fixture Collage 350x350 New Light Fixture


Light Fixture Before1 New Light Fixture



New Light Fixture 1 New Light Fixture



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