Penny Tile Trim

I have finally found the solution to my penny tile trim debacle. If you have been following me at all you would know that installing my penny tile backsplash has been an adventure.  What I found out along the way, is that installing penny tile is a much more “interesting” task than I anticipated.  If you go to my fireplace makeover, you can see that I installed mosaic tile on my fireplace a few years ago.  The penny tile installation was a little trickier than my square fireplace tile because it is made up of circles and not straight lines so getting it to line up was a little trickier and figuring out what to do with the edges was just mind boggling to me.  I looked at those edges forever and could not figure out what to do with them.  I had one tile guy come look at it and he suggested that I put up pvc tile trim.  You can go to penny tile trim idea to take a look at my post about this.  The problem with that was that I had already tiled around the edges so I would have had to rip out an inch or so of tile all around the edges because the pvc trim has to go under the tile.  So I considered that and literally stared at the walls for another couple of weeks until I called up a man that a friend of mine recommended who had a great idea and by the way, there is no shame in getting help when you have no idea what to do!

This is Charlie and he had a great idea for my tile trim.

IMG 5002 1 Penny Tile Trim

Wood trim.  Two of these pieces go on the sides closest to the window, they are flat.  The other pieces are tiny pieces that look like quarter round.

IMG 4999 1 Penny Tile Trim

These are some of the unfinished edges that I stared at forever trying to figure out what to do with them.

Left side of window.

IMG 5003 1 Penny Tile Trim

Right side.

IMG 5004 1 Penny Tile Trim

Here is the wood trim glued next to the tile. It’s held in place while it dries with some painter’s tape.  The trim is painted the same color as our kitchen cabinets. (and yes, by the way, I am going to be painting the bottom of the cabinets asap.)  (Oh yeah, and the pink nail polish has nothing to do with the trim and no toy zebras were hurt in the making of this backsplash.)

IMG 5009 1 Penny Tile Trim

Okay trim is up and now I need to grout around the insides and then paint the kitchen and then caulk the outside of the trim!

IMG 5010 1 Penny Tile Trim

Here is the finished, painted, and caulked penny tile trim with the painters tape removed.

IMG 5291 2 Penny Tile Trim

Here’s the right side of the window and the trim close up.

IMG 5258 1 Penny Tile Trim

Here’s the side at the far end of the kitchen by the stove.  It looks so much better.

IMG 5257 2 Penny Tile Trim

And here is a total before and after again!

Kitchen Before and After 1 Penny Tile Trim

Now please stay tuned for more finishes and amazing kitchen revelations that will take place here after months of staring at these walls!

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