Penny Tile Progress

Sweet Penny Tile Progress

I can say that there has been penny tile progress because I have almost installed all the penny tile, however, the edges of my penny tile have remained unfinished because I have had no idea what to do with them.  I did not want ceramic tile around the edges because I thought it would look tacky.  There is no penny tile ceramic trim that I could find that matches anyway.  So we have been living for months like someone stopped the job before it was completed and that has left me on edge.  That is a pun but it really happened and I was incomplete and unsatisfied.  So000o I finally broke down and looked on the internet for someone that could come over and give me some advice.  I found a guy who said he did tile for 30 years but it turned out that I he had to go to Florida for a few months and I didn’t like his idea anyway.  Here is the penny tile around the window that has no trim.

sink 1 Penny Tile Progress

This photo was from before, when I was working on the tile around the kitchen window so it doesn’t really show the unfinished edges that are in the photo above but you get the picture.  These edges are where I need to add something to make it look finished.  This is a learning experience…one that I am going to have to pay for with my soul!  Just kidding but the tile guy I called said to fix this I have to remove ALL of the tile around the edges….ALL of the edges, not just around the windows.

penny tile fix this Penny Tile Progress

The tile man suggested that I install this PVC tile trim.

pvc tile trim Penny Tile Progress

Above is a PVC tile trim.  The part with the cut out circles on it has to be placed underneath the tile at the edges which is why I would have to tear out two rows of penny tile on every edge if I go ahead with this.  I bought one piece of this at Lowe’s.  It is long, taller than me, it’s maybe around 6 feet long so there is way more than enough for what I need.  It cost about $5.00 so it’s not expensive.  The problem is…how is this going to look and what the heck am I going to put on the corners?  I can’t just have two pieces of cut white PVC meet and not have anything to finish it off where the corners meet.  They don’t have any corner pieces of this PVC stuff at Lowe’s and I don’t really see any examples of this online.  Of course, this dawned on me AFTER the tile guy left for Florida for a few months so now I am trying to figure out if I should use this PVC or think of something else.  To Be Continued…..

Penny tile what the heck Penny Tile Progress

So, again, here is the kitchen “Before” with all of the things I wanted to do to it.  If you keep going down, you can see that my kitchen looks so much better now even without the penny tile trim.

Kitchen Remodel Adding Things Penny Tile Progress

Here is my kitchen slowly headed toward completion.  Can’t wait to get this trim situation fixed!

Kitchen Progress 11 Penny Tile Progress

But guess what?  Now you can go Penny Tile Trim to see what I ended up doing for the trim for the penny tile.  And you can go Kitchen Reveal Somewhat to see the  “before” and “after” photos of my kitchen with the completed penny tile backsplash.


  1. I’ve been on the edge of my seat watching your blog for an update!!! What did you decide to do with the edges/corners?!?!? i have had the penny tile (exactly like yours except yellow) and materials for weeks, but have been procrastinating because i cannot figure out how finish the edges. I cannot put it off any longer and would appreciate any advice you could give!!!
    I have enjoyed reading about your diy projects – you do great work and i love your color/design choices. thank you.

    • Andrea- What a coincidence! Tomorrow I am having someone I met (who has worked with tile for years) come over to help me. His idea was to put a small piece of wood trim on the edges. So he is bringing some over and we are going to put it up. I will take photos of the whole process with explanations. I’ll let you know when I post it. I was stuck on this for a long time and am hoping this is the answer. Do you have any pics of your tile job? I bet the yellow is really cool! Kristin

  2. Andrea- Hi, I just got back from vacation and put this post up:

    I will have more coming soon!

    Keep in touch with your progress! Kristin

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