Pikachu the Pekingese

Our dog, Pikachu is so ugly, he’s cute.  He’s a Pekingese.  He thinks he’s so tough, he tries to intimidate people with his bark but most people just laugh at him. When we first got him, I would take him to work with me and he would lay on my desk and sleep ALL day, except of course, when there was food anywhere in sight.  I had to stop taking him because he gets car sick very easily so he’s not so tough after all. icon smile Pikachu the Pekingese

Try to find him throughout my posts.  There are 10 photos in 10 different posts.  Let me know if you find them all.  Happy Pekingese hunting!

(Oh yeah, this page doesn’t count for photos!)


Pikachu Framed 350x276 Pikachu the Pekingese

Pikachu the Pekingese.

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