Purple Ombre Room

Purple Painted Ombre Room for my Daughter.

Painting Done wall above bed Purple Ombre Room

Our kids all recently switched rooms around and so I painted a striped ombre room for my 9 year old daughter.  She originally wanted her room to be painted a blended ombre where you wouldn’t be able to tell where one color stopped and where one started, where they blended perfectly into each other.  I told her that I thought that might be a little hard for me to make it look right so instead I did four separate ombre stripes, from light at the top to dark on the bottom.  The walls were just plain before I started.  Here’s one side of the room with the doorway.

Unpainted Room Door Purple Ombre Room

Here’s the “before” of the closet side of the room.

Unpainted Room Closet Door Purple Ombre Room

This room had been my 15 year old stepson’s so hence The Clash wall decal.  (He moved to the room next to this one.)  We tried to save the decal but it wouldn’t come off! It just tore in pieces.  NOT like removing a sticker.  It also took the top layer of the wall off with it so I had to skim coat those parts of the wall and then sand that down.  So The Clash sticker is no longer with us but here is that side of the room with the wall decal which as you can see, doesn’t really match this 9 year old girl’s decor.

Unpainted Room Clash Wall Purple Ombre Room

And finally here’s the foot of the bed side of the room along the window and the wall that then leads to the doorway.

Unpainted Room Foot of Bed Purple Ombre Room

The first thing we had to decide was how many colors we wanted.  We decided on four stripes of color.  I went to Lowe’s with my daughter and we picked out a paint card with the four shades of purple that we thought would look the best.  Then I just got a quart of each color (to start) in an eggshell finish.  (I actually spread the paint pretty far and only needed one quart of paint per stripe for the 3 lower stripes.  The top stripe needed more than a quart because it went on the wall above the window and the wall above the closet.)  I then measured the wall from the top where it met the ceiling down to right above the baseboard because that is all of the wall space that is going to be painted.  Next I had to divide the total length by four to get the height of each of the four stripes.  Once I had that number, I was ready to start marking the wall where the bottom of the first strip would be so I could tape the line off to put on the first color of paint.

Unpainted wall First Stripe on wall Purple Ombre Room

I read somewhere online to start with the top stripe and work your way down so that’s what I did.  I put the top of the tape UNDER the lines and not the bottom of your tape on top of the line because this will mess it all up.  So after trial and error, I realized that to get a really straight line, I had to measure with my tape measure every foot or so and make a mark on the wall where I was going to place my tape.  I found out by trial and error that if I just put a mark every 3 feet, I had no guidance for my painter’s tape and the line would be angled and not straight.  After I marked the whole line and for some of the other lines, I did the whole room at once, but when I started, I just did one wall.  Then I took painters tape and taped the first line and started painting with the lightest purple.

Unpainted wall First paint on wall Purple Ombre Room

Here’s my helper (Bijou) with the first ombre stripe!  This isn’t her room though.  This is for her 9 year old sister.  After I finish this purple ombre room, I am going to do something creative with paint in Bijou’s new room that she is sharing with her 6 year old brother.  They want a “rainbow”.  icon smile Purple Ombre Room   I am thinking three stripes of color.  My husband suggested using the colors of the Lifesaver candy: red, yellow and green.  I will have to think this over!

Painting with Bijou Purple Ombre RoomFirst stripe is DONE!

Painted first finished Purple Ombre Room

Here’s the second stripe of the second darkest purple.  I left the first piece of painter’s tape up so I didn’t paint over the first stripe.

Painted beginning of second stripe Purple Ombre Room

I had to patch and sand the wall where the Clash decal was and now it is almost invisible.  You can still see some of it at the bottom where the wall is unpainted but fortunately, it covered pretty well.

Painted second stripe Purple Ombre Room

Third stripe of the third darkest color DONE!  One stripe to go!

painted third stripe Purple Ombre Room

The painting of the final stripe has begun!  What a long strange trip it’s been!  This is the darkest colored stripe on the bottom.

I have to say here that I am cringing because of the quality of all of these photos so I will post more later to show the true effect in the end.  I think it turned out much better than what these photos show!

Painted final stripe Purple Ombre Room

And finished!  Now, again, please don’t hate me for these photos.  These “after” photos turned out terrible.  The lighting is all screwed up.  So I have to take some more photos and put them up here asap!  Notice my little helper in this photo.  She almost blends in like one of the stuffed animals! icon smile Purple Ombre Room

Painting Done Purple Ombre Room

Here’s my helper again, gazing out the window after a few long sessions of painting! 

Painting Done window Purple Ombre Room

Please come back to see better photos and more of them soon!

Painting Done closet wall Purple Ombre Room



  1. HI- the room looks amazing! How long did it take you to paint the room? Did you have to wait for the first stripe to dry and then do the next?

    • Thank you so much Molly! Yes, I had to wait until each stripe dried to start another one but by the time I was done with one, it was dry on the other end. I did the whole thing in many steps spread out over about a week. I went up and marked the wall and then ran down and made dinner and then the next day ran up and put tape up and painted a bit and down again, etc. for about a week and a half when I had some time. Now, Bowie and Bijou want a “rainbow” in their room so I am working on that but the “rainbow” is only going to be stripes of 3 colors: green, yellow and orange. It will be cool though because I am going to put a magnetic primer under the middle stripe in their room so they can stick metal things on their walls like matchbox cars. :)

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