Sanded Cabinets after Painting

Sanded Cabinets Disaster!

Do you want to see my sanded cabinets AFTER I painted them?  UGH.  What a mess!!!!

I really should have known better because I had this happen several years ago when I paid a friend paint the ugly wood panel walls in my daughter’s playroom.  (A friend who told me that he had experience painting.)  He got done with the job and I touched the wall and all of the paint started peeling off.  All of the paint had to be sanded off.  The problem was that, it should have been lightly sanded in the first place and then the paint would have stayed on the wall and not peeled off.

Here are the cabinets Before painting with the doors removed:

IMG 0997 1 Sanded Cabinets after Painting

This photo is so dark but it is showing you how much painting I got done:

IMG 1010 1 Sanded Cabinets after Painting

So I did do a test on the paint.  I let it dry and it seemed to be sticking really well without sanding so I went ahead and painted a large portion of my kitchen cabinets and realized after it dried, to my horror, that a lot of the paint was peeling off.  That meant that I should have sanded them.  So I had to peel and sand off all of the paint that I already put on and then clean dust from the top to bottom of our kitchen and repaint.  I was a little frustrated because I don’t find painting that fun to begin with.  So that’s what’s going on in these photos below.  This is the sanding process after I had already painted!  These are the partially sanded cabinets and with the new paint that I had just painted on not long before!:

IMG 1013 1 Sanded Cabinets after Painting

Here is another photo of the partially sanded cabinets after painting.  It was a horrible nightmare!

IMG 1011 1 Sanded Cabinets after Painting

Getting the crumbling paint out of the corners on the sanded cabinets is the worst:

IMG 1015 1 Sanded Cabinets after Painting

Now today, I have sanded all of the cabinet doors on the one side of our kitchen.  I took them out back and actually broke my first sander that I have had for years and ended up using my little Black and Decker Mouse sander which worked great. I have to admit, my husband helped me sand and peel paint because it was awful and he is a saint.

This is me with my sanded cabinets thinking, “Next time use a sander to begin with!”.

IMG 1055 1 Sanded Cabinets after Painting


Look at my sweet 4 year old son as he helps me paint cabinets.



  1. Some helpful tips to save you a little elbow grease next time. Get the kids out of the house for a little while and wipe your cabinets with liquid sand paper (or no sand). It will open the pores of the clear coat and allow a primer to bond nicely without all the sanding. It’s a little fume-y (keep a window cracked), but it will save you in the long run. Nice job.

    • I never knew of the liquid sandpaper! But I WILL be using your advice! I still have a side of my kitchen cabinets left to sand. I am going to pick some of that up at Lowes when I’m in there tomorrow morning. Thank you for the tip! :) Kristin

  2. You should be so proud! The kitchen looks fabulous. I can’t wait for more pics.

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