Solid Surface-New Countertop

This is our old laminate countertop….Blahhhh!!!

IMG 0017 11 Solid Surface New Countertop

  I mentioned in an earlier post that we are getting new countertop.  As you can see above, we currently have laminate countertops which are just sort of BLAH…….and when I go to pick a sippy cup up off the floor and see the carboard-like hairy particle-board-like underbelly of the laminate all around the edges, it makes me cringe a little….just a little.


  We looked at a lot of countertops and what I really really liked were a few of the quartz countertops, unfortunately for the quartz countertops, they were way too expensive so we couldn’t take them home with us.  I loved the little chipped pieces of rock (I know I am making a geologist cringe somewhere by saying “chipped pieces of rock” but some of them sparkled!!)  in the sample pieces we saw but it would have been about $3,000.00 to cover our soon to be awesome kitchen surfaces with that sweet cool real rock! (One last memory of the quartz….it was sooo smooth and cool to the touch! love!)  Okay, so we quickly decided that we WERE NOT set on real stone and we settled on Formica Solid Surfacing in Creme Graniti that we picked out at Lowe’s.  Now, ”solid surfacing” as well as “Formica” just sounds bad but in about 60 seconds I made myself fall in love with it (because of the price).  The other thing is that it has a cool name CREME GRANITI which Roy from Lowe’s so happily corrected my pronunciation of.   It is almost half the price and actually looks really nice (especially for the price).  The installers are coming on December 5, 2011 (between 8:30-9:00) to draw a template.  They said 1) it helps to have the new faucet at that time so they can cut the faucet holes back at the shop rather than in the house (because it can be “messy”) and they said 2) to clear the counters.  That’s all for now folks!


386 Creme Graniti 279x350 Solid Surface New Countertop

And now you can go here to see the removal of our old countertop and the installation of our new countertop.


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