Spray Paint Blue Mirror

Since I just painted a  mirror to hang above a dresser we have.  (You can look at it here: dresser.)  I thought I would try to paint another mirror to hang above our fireplace.  I saw this mirror on sale and immediately thought it would look cool painted light blue.

MirrorBefore 1 Spray Paint Blue Mirror

So I bought some light blue spray paint.  The fumes are strong, even in a well ventilated area.  Don’t forget a respirator!  (By the way, I got the WORST haircut a few weeks ago and had to basically do a “comb over” for two weeks until my bangs started to grow out.  Thank goodness, it is growing out!)


MeandRespirator 1 350x210 Spray Paint Blue Mirror

So I originally bought just one can of spray paint thinking that it would cover the whole mirror but I ended up needing almost 3 cans of spray paint. I covered the mirror with paper so the paint wouldn’t get on the mirror….I made a little mistake with that, you will see later.

IMG 3902 1 Spray Paint Blue Mirror

More spray paint….it took about two days for the spray paint to dry.  Of course, I was impatient and I hung it before it was really 100% dry.  Not recommended, but it turned out okay.

IMG 3903 1 Spray Paint Blue Mirror

Okay, so after almost 3 cans of spray paint, I finally thought it looked covered in paint evenly so I took the paper off the mirror and saw that the paint had leaked through the paper.  Next time, more coverage!

IMG 3918 1 Spray Paint Blue Mirror


But luckily, I had just bought some Goo Gone and it took the paint right off.  Love this stuff!

IMG 3924 1 Spray Paint Blue Mirror

A minute later, no paint on mirror, thank you Goo Gone.

IMG 3925 1 Spray Paint Blue Mirror

And here is the mirror hung above our mantel.

MirrorCloseup 1 Spray Paint Blue Mirror


This is so weird, after I finished the mirror, I had a night of really vivid dreams.  I actually had a dream that I put little black wooden flowers in vases on the mantel.  In my dream it looked really cool, so the next day, I was out looking for little black wooden flowers and I found them.  This sounds weird, but I knew I would.

NewMirror 1 Spray Paint Blue Mirror

Okay here we go with the whole fireplace remake again.  You can see the original post I did on the fireplace makeover here at my post, Light My Fireplace.  We didn’t have a lot of time to do remodeling or decorating for several years because of all of our kids.  I mean, I had five kids in five years!  You can read about me and my husband and kids at my About page.  Anyway, now we have a little time to update all of the things that were driving me crazy. icon smile Spray Paint Blue Mirror

FireplaceBeforeAfter 1 Spray Paint Blue Mirror

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