Spray Paint Upcycling- Kitchen Canisters

Spray Paint Upcycling Frenzy!

Have I mentioned that I have been on a spray paint upcycling frenzy?  I have realized that spray paint can change many crusty old things into cool new items.  Now, I look back in remorse at all of those dingy household items that I got rid of over the years because they were just tired.  Now I know, all these things ever needed was to meet up with a can of spray paint and they could have looked better than ever and stayed with me.  Of course, you may find me one day buried under a pile of spray painted household knickknacks but at least they will look good.  I spray painted these metal candle holders that I had sitting outside for a long time and now use them to hold kitchen utensils and red wine bottles.  Some people call it “upcycling” but that might be a short and trendy way of saying “I am a hoarder and it’s the year 2013″.  Whatever you call it and however it ends up, at least you will end up in style and hopefully not under style.

Here are some spray painted upcycled household items that I found on Pinterest that give me even more proof that everything can be made better with a little spray paint.

spray painted items collage Spray Paint Upcycling Kitchen Canisters

Sources: my blue spray painted mirror, spray painted utensils, spray painted mason jars, spray painted decor balls, spray painted wall hangings, spray painted folding chairs, spray painted upside down trash can, spray painted frames, gold chevron on bottle.

Here they are “Before”.

Candle Holders Spray Painted Spray Paint Upcycling Kitchen Canisters

I always loved these metal candle holders because they are solid and they have this pretty flower-like pattern.  But I have had them for years and have used them only once or twice.  I think the one time they were actually functional was when they ended up as a beer cap holder at a party.  They have never been used as originally intended and that’s my fault.  I loved them but was never IN love with them.  As Meatloaf said: I wanted them, I needed them, but there just ain’t no way I ever was going to love them.  That is until I discovered the joy of spray paint.  Then things changed.  Everything changed.

Candle Holders Close Up unpainted Spray Paint Upcycling Kitchen Canisters


Two outa three ain’t bad but why not go for three if it’s as easy as spray painting.  I used this seaside blue by Rustoleum and it wasn’t that much of a commitment.  It took one coat.

Candle Holder Partially spray painted Spray Paint Upcycling Kitchen Canisters

Okay now here they are on my kitchen counter.  They are useful!  I love them!

Candle Holders Turned Utensil Holders Spray Paint Upcycling Kitchen Canisters

And here they are again across the room.

Spray Painted Utensil Holders Spray Paint Upcycling Kitchen Canisters
And all I have to say now is: three out of three is definitely good.  (By the way, you can go to spray paint blue mirror to see me on another painting frenzy where I transform an old mirror with a little blue blast of spray paint.)

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