Light My Fireplace- Fireplace makeover

Applying more adhesive.

  The one thing I desperately needed was a fireplace makeover.  It was really outdated looking with a awful green marble and (fake) brass surround with a delightfully retro (and not in a good way) oak wood mantel.   I thought about it for a long time but didn't really know how to go about it.  After several years of staring at the hideousness,  I finally just said, I'm going to do it.  I also had to rearrange everything around the fireplace and for that matter....the whole house. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ NOTE:  Many of my "before" photos here are really just photos of my youngest kids with the fireplace where the original fireplace and fireplace area just happened to be in the background. Here are the Before Photos: My oldest daughter- fireplace in background with my son crawling in front of it.  This one is before the yellow walls.  Notice the    fireplace: wood mantle, outdated green … [Read more...]