Kitchen Reveal Somewhat

Kitchen Before and After

This is my kitchen revealed somewhat but it is not a true kitchen reveal. Is it ever really a final reveal?  Because things change and morph and blend and nothing stays the same forever.  I also can't bring myself to the final reveal for a reason that is very obvious to me.  I didn't take enough "before" photos to show you exactly how far along we have brought this kitchen to get it to a place that it can be revealed as a final reveal.  In this context revealing is: Permitting an elucidating glimpse or a perception of something intimate or concealed: a very revealing biography; a revealing gown.  ( When you completely forget the "intimate or concealed" part, i.e., the "before" photos, you are just unable to give that "glimpse" or "perception".  You don't have a true reveal.  There is no way to get back to the decorating errors of the previous owners; the board above my  kitchen sink that was delicately covered with green laminated vine … [Read more...]

Doing Up The Kitchen

Kitchen Cabinets

  We have a lot of exciting things going on with our kitchen right now.  I am partially making this list so I can remember what the heck I am doing but also to pass it on.  I'm just going to briefly run through most of the different parts and will talk about them each in more detail later. Cabinets: We are going to save a ton of money by just painting the existing wood cabinets. We got some pretty white Valspar paint from Lowe's and should have that finished in about a week. Countertop: We just ordered a new countertop. I have never purchased a countertop before so I was a little surprised when the beautiful quartz countertop that I really wanted would have cost almost $3,000.00. As much as I liked it, we decided to go with something that looks very nice and is about half the price. The material is what they call a "solid surface" and I am sure it will be very nice. Right now our counter is laminate and not so pretty. The new countertop should be in at the latest, January … [Read more...]