Spray Paint Upcycling- Kitchen Canisters

spray paint upcycling

Spray Paint Upcycling Frenzy! Have I mentioned that I have been on a spray paint upcycling frenzy?  I have realized that spray paint can change many crusty old things into cool new items.  Now, I look back in remorse at all of those dingy household items that I got rid of over the years because they were just tired.  Now I know, all these things ever needed was to meet up with a can of spray paint and they could have looked better than ever and stayed with me.  Of course, you may find me one day buried under a pile of spray painted household knickknacks but at least they will look good.  I spray painted these metal candle holders that I had sitting outside for a long time and now use them to hold kitchen utensils and red wine bottles.  Some people call it "upcycling" but that might be a short and trendy way of saying "I am a hoarder and it's the year 2013".  Whatever you call it and however it ends up, at least you will end up in style and hopefully not under style. Here are some … [Read more...]

Penny Tile Trim

Penny tile trim in place.

I have finally found the solution to my penny tile trim debacle. If you have been following me at all you would know that installing my penny tile backsplash has been an adventure.  What I found out along the way, is that installing penny tile is a much more "interesting" task than I anticipated.  If you go to my fireplace makeover, you can see that I installed mosaic tile on my fireplace a few years ago.  The penny tile installation was a little trickier than my square fireplace tile because it is made up of circles and not straight lines so getting it to line up was a little trickier and figuring out what to do with the edges was just mind boggling to me.  I looked at those edges forever and could not figure out what to do with them.  I had one tile guy come look at it and he suggested that I put up pvc tile trim.  You can go to penny tile trim idea to take a look at my post about this.  The problem with that was that I had already tiled around the edges so I would have had to rip … [Read more...]

Penny Tile Backsplash Examples

tile backsplash

I have been looking around the internet and found some great examples of penny tile backsplashes. In this kitchen they used a white penny round tile. I love the retro look the penny round tile adds to this kitchen. You can see it here.   This kitchen used a "sham-rockin green" penny round tile and has amazing before and after photos.  You can see this penny round transformation here. Look at how pretty this white penny round tile backsplash is.  You can see it here. Here a translucent penny round tile was used in an amazing kitchen transformation.  The before and after photos can be seen here.   We saw this really cool Penny Round mosaic tile at Home Depot the other day.  So we decided on the lighter blue one that is under the green and over the dark blue.  It's called "Marine" blue.   After we get our counter top put in and get this delivered, I will start putting it in.  I can't wait, it's going to be pretty! … [Read more...]

Kitchen Cabinets Progress

Bijou with partially painted kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen Cabinets Progress I got some more painting done on our kitchen cabinets but this is after I already painted almost all of them once!  Then realized that the paint that I thought was sticking, was peeling off if bumped.  So guess what I had to do?  I had to sand off ALLLLLL of the paint that I had already painted.  Some of it was easy to get off but some of it was not!  What a nightmare! Of course, there is still A LOT to do and touch up but I am beginning to see what I imagined and will be happy to move on from these cabinets ASAP!   You can see a huge difference already here in a "Before" photo of our kitchen: Before Photo of Cabinets.  Here is the post I did of my painting and sanding the paint off. You can see the empty space above the stove?    The microwave above the stove look is a little outdated so I took out the cabinets and microwave that were above the stove.  I am going to do a penny tile backsplash and also tile above the stove.  Then I am going to put a … [Read more...]

Bowie Paints Cabinets.

Bowie Painting Kitchen Cabinets 4.

Look at my 4 year old son, Bowie, helping me paint the kitchen cabinet doors.  He is SO sweet!   … [Read more...]