Outlet Spacers In

finished outlet and switch plates

I had to install outlet spacers after I put up the penny tile backsplash to make the outlet plates flush with the tile. What happens is the tile comes out farther than the outlet so there is a gap in between the plate and the tile. The outlet on the left is how they are supposed to look.  Flat against the tile with no space between the outlet and plate.     So you take the outlet spacer and cut it to the thickness you need.   Fold the spacer over so like an accordion.   Finding the right thickness might take some trial and error.  If they are too thick, the plate won't be flat against the wall but if they are not thick enough, there will be a gap between the outlet and the plate. This one isn't screwed all the way in yet. Pretty closely screwed in and ready for the plate. Some of the screws that were originally holding the outlet in the wall were not long enough because the spacers pushed the outlet … [Read more...]