The Advice is Right- Home Staging Quiz to Sell- Answers


The correct answer is C.  Potential buyers should see bright and neutral painted walls when they view your house.   Bright and neutral paint allows a buyer to see their own potential in decorating.  Dark colors can make rooms look smaller and dingy.  Bright colors might distract the potential buyer.  Keep it simple and neutral.



The correct answer is C.  Both A and B are correct answers because personal photos and political items can turn off a potential buyer.  Sellers get very attached to these items and some mistakenly believe that when they are selling their house it makes the house look more appealing because it looks more personalized and more like a “home”.  These items do not enhance the property but become distracting.  Instead of the potential buyer imagining himself or herself living in the house, they can’t stop thinking about the people that currently live there and if they don’t like what they see and can’t take their mind off of the distracting items, they will exit and not come back.



The correct answer is B, False.  Bathrooms should be staged by putting out luxurious and pampering products to create a well organized and spa like atmosphere.



The correct answer is A.  Curb appeal is extremely important.  From the moment a prospective buyer first views your house, the appearance of the front of the house can leave a lasting effect.  A pretty front garden and inviting porch invite potential buyers inside and start their wheels turning as they envision themselves living in your home.



The correct answer is B.  Decluttered homes sell faster and for more money. Make the most of selling your house by taking the clutter out of each room and storing extra furniture, personal items and boxes out of view or in a storage space or at a friend or relatives house.



The correct answer is A.  Pet items can really be a negative distraction to potential buyers.  Remove all pet items like bowls and cat litter boxes from view.  If possible, have your pet stay with a friend or relative while you are trying to sell.



The correct answer is B, False.  Buyers are much more interested in seeing a space for their own things and do not particularly care to see your things.  Emphasize your counter space by keeping it clear of all personal items and clutter.



The correct answer is B.  Staged rooms are almost always preferable to whole room renovations.  You most likely will not recoup the whole amount and staging is easier and quicker.



The correct answer is C.

In home staging, the “Rule of Three” is often used in which decorative items are arranged in triplets. Vary them in size, color, texture and depth, and make sure that the largest items are in the back of the group.



The correct answer is A.  Most Potential buyers don’t want to think about the work of updating a house or living with wall colors they don’t like.  Freshly painted walls can add instant value to your house and make your house much more appealing to potential buyers.

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