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Home staging is used when you want to set up your house in a way to accent the most appealing aspects of your home while removing focus from the less appealing aspects.  You want your house to be appealing to a large group of people to have the best chance of selling and to get the top dollar for your home.  My husband always says, “You have to put out a hundred resumes to get one job.”  When selling a house, you have to make the house appealing to as many people as possible to get that one buyer.

All of the questions pertain to home staging to sell.  Click on the link at the bottom of the page when you are done to get the correct answers.



Paint on the interior of the house should be:

A. Very colorful.

B. Dark and dramatic.

C. Bright and neutral.



What should be removed from display in your house:

A. Personal photos.

B. Political items like a framed painting of Obama or Newt Gingrich.

C. Both A and B.



When staging a bathroom, it is okay to leave out used towels and items like toothbrushes.

A. True.  Potential buyers know that the house is lived in and expect to see these items in a bathroom.

B. False.  Potential buyers don’t want to see your used toothpaste and dirty towels.



What usually gives a potential buyer their first positive or negative impression of the home?

A. The appearance of the outside of the house.

B. The foyer or entrance hallway.

C. The size of the kitchen.



It is always a necessity when home staging to:

A. Install new flooring.

B. Declutter.  Remove or clean up clutter.

C. Remodel bathrooms.



These items in the house can be a turn off to potential buyers:

A. Pet items such as dog food bowls and cat litter boxes.

B. Kids toys stored in a closet.

C. Tools in a toolbox on a shelf in a garage.



Leave items like a toaster and coffee maker out on the counter:

A.  True. Potential buyers like to see where there similar items will go and it makes the house look


B. False.  Potential buyers know where a toaster and coffee pot go, they don’t need to see yours.



If your kitchen is out of date, do a renovation.

A. True.  Potential Buyers will pay more for updated appliances and whole room renovations.

B. False.  Research shows that renovation projects are not normally recouped.



When arranging decorative objects it is best to arrange them how:

A.  In even numbers of 2 or 4 for a modern streamline look.

B. In groups of 5.  Put 2 items in the front and 3 items in the back.

C. In groups of 3.



What is the least expensive way to give your home a new appealing look?

A. New paint on interior walls.

B. New knick knacks in each room.

C. New kitchen furniture.


Go HERE to get the correct answers to the quiz.

Got 7-10 right?  You have Staging Savvy.

Got 4-6 right? You have a bit of Staging Smarts.

Got 1-3 right? You might need to read up on home staging a little more before putting your house on the market!

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