TV Stand Shades.

I removed my flat screen tv from above our fireplace ( you can see the before, when the TV was on the wall, here: Light My Fireplace.) and bought a little TV stand at Target to put it on.  The problem was that it had open shelves on top and we have a lot of junk to hide around here.  So I bought some cool orange fabric from Jo-Ann’s fabric and then hemmed it with iron on hemming and put it over some small expandable curtain rods.  Here it is below:

 IMG 0972 1 TV Stand Shades.

 IMG 0985 1 TV Stand Shades.

IMG 0981 1 TV Stand Shades.


  1. Looks great!!

  2. That’s a great idea. Little things can go a long way. Loos so much nicer :)


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